Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work For Welfare

Warning: The following blog will be political in nature. Those who aren't smart enough to be reading this, go watch a soap opera or something.

The social assistance program in this province needs some serious reform. There is a perfect example on a certain street in my hometown. On this street, coloufully labeled "No Daddy Ave" social parasites suck the life blood from every tax paying member of the workforce. And rather than force those receiving social assistance to work through programs like job placement, or education, the system seems to condone the laziness of my generation. Pumping out welfare cheques to drug addicts, drug dealers and alcoholics.

There are a growing number of people in my generation who feel a sense of entitlement to the finer things in life. Who don't want to work to achieve what they want. They'd rather feel instant gratification, and not have to work to achieve their desired goals. And when opportunities fail to present themselves, these people retire into their rent controlled homes like a frightened turtle in a shell, refusing to settle for "lesser" forms of employment in the name of paying the rent.

But whose fault is it? Can you blame these people for wanting a free paycheck (as small as it is)? Is it fair to people who work 40+ hrs. Per week only to lose a 3rd of their hard earned money to taxes to facilitate carrying the welfare addicts along? I'll tell you who's to blame, the government. I know it sounds cliché to blame the government for this, because you can blame the government for everything. But hear me out.

My solution sounds like this. 3 words. Work for welfare. Have the people receiving welfare, who are physically/mentally capable of being in the workforce, join the work force. The average amount of a welfare payment to a single parent is approximately $1005/month. Broken down to 40 hrs/week, 160hrs/month, which works out to $6.28/hr. (I made more than that at Burger King when I was 16.) So have them clean up garbage on the side of the highway for 30 hrs/week. Have them push a mop and broom around at a retirement home for 30 hrs/week. And dock their payments for missing work (Just like in real life). Have them attend programs to help them attain the jobs they want for 30 hrs/week. But save the other 10 hrs/week for actual job searching. Because I'd rather see my tax dollars go to daycare for these parents if it means that they'll be off welfare faster. Because say whatever you like, I would much rather flip burgers for minimum wage ($10.25/hr), than pick up garbage on the side of the highway for $6.28. And that will almost assuredly force people out of their homes and into the workforce.

But what do I know. I'm just a blue collar Joe shmoe. But I'm proud to say that I've worked hard for everything I have.

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