Monday, August 16, 2010

McGuinty Taps-out?

This past Saturday it was announced that the Ontario Government, after years of turning up their noses, had finally agreed to begin sanctioning MMA eventsin 2011.  After yearsof hearing that it was a "barbaric sport", or that it was "human cock-fighting",  and that it wasn't a priority for Ontarioans, MMA fans can finally enjoy their sport without having to drive to Montreal, Buffalo, or farther. 

But to me, this begs the question, why?  Why now?  Is it a coincidence that the Liberal Government has decided to allow a sport that people have been screaming for for years barely a month after integrating the controversial new HST tax?  A tax that has every working class citizen of this province crawling on their hands and knees trying to find money wherever they can.  A tax that, in the mind of many voters will be the end of a government long out of touch with the citizens it serves. 

In my mind, as a MMA fan,and a critic of the current provincial government, this is nothing more than a feable attempt to save face with young voters. This is a chance for Mr McGuinty to say "Vote for me, I brought you MMA" like some sort of modern day roman emperor.  The difference, Mr. McGuinty, is that you are no Caesar.  You are a lying snake, who hypnotized the people of Ontario during the last election with promises of no new taxes and no cuts to health-care.  Both of which ended up as lies and I for one would rather vote Conservative and see the devil I know in power over a devil in disguise.

I suppose its only a matter of time before the government passes a MMA tax to reap the benefits from training schools and minor tournaments and small club cards.

But what do I know?  I'm just a blue-collar slob.  But blue-collar slobs are the back-bone of this country.  And your days, Mr. McGuinty (as premier) are numbered.

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