Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cellphones in the classroom?

Really?  Cellphones could be useful in the classroom?  Premier McGuinty, you are by far the stupidest man in this province if you believe that.  What do 90% of people use their cellphones for? TEXTING!!!!  And most of them can do it without even looking at their phones, I know I can.  Imagine this if you will.  Its test time, and little Timmy doesn't know the answer to question #4, so he sends a message to little walter and gets the answer he needs to pass the test.  Come on, give me a friggin break.  When I was in high school we had to work to cheat, passing notes, complicated hand signals, body language: that was cheating. 

Allowing cellphones in the classroom will make an already lazy society much lazier as they won't be able to recall the information from their memories since they'll be so used to doing it from their cellphones.

To me this feels like yet another desparate attempt to grab some more voters for his failing minority government, which, if the people of Ontario have been paying attention, will be out of power once there is another election.  Give it up Mr. Premiere.  It's not going to work.  It's a dumb idea.  And quite frankly, you should have much more important things on your agenda than cellphones in the classroom.  How about all the shootings in the GTA as of late?  How about cleaning up the mess of the healthcare system that you've royally screwed up?

How about being connected to the people who put you in power and see what they think, instead of your assinine attempts salvage a few votes for seats that you'll inevitably just lose in another election?

But what do I know?